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Raiders silent as trade deadline passes

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The NFL trade deadline has passed and the Raiders have decided to pass on making any trades as well. Reggie McKenzie loves his draft picks and was not willing to part with any of them. The Raiders being still alive in the AFCW made it unlikely that the Raiders would weaken any positions for more draft picks and they decided not to add any new talent that was available.


There was a lot of speculation about players moving before the deadline but most of it was just that; speculation. In the end there was not much action across the league in general. If the NFL wants to encourage more exciting trades they will have to push the deadline back even further to a point where teams know without a doubt that they are out of the playoffs.

The biggest trade that happened was one that involved our next opponent the Buccaneers. It even involved them sending their best cornerback to the Patriots with a 7th round pick for a 4th round draft pick. Unfortunately it has no impact on this Sunday's match-up because the cornerback that the Bucs traded, Aqib Talib, was already suspended for the game as part of his 4 game suspension for the unapproved use of Aderol.

The next biggest trade was just the Jaguars sending WR Mike Thomas to the Lions for a mid round draft pick. That is obviously not blockbuster trade material although it is a nice addition to the already talented Lions receiving corps.

I was of the opinion that Rolando McClain was expendable but it would have weakened the Raiders linebacker depth too much to happen. That was the only player the Raiders had that would have drew some serious interest that might have been replaceable. That didn't happen and the Raiders roster will remain unscathed now after the NFL trade deadline has passed.