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Tragedy strikes Raiders DL coach Terrell Williams

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Horrible news came out this morning as we learned of the passing of Tyson Williams, son of Raiders' defensive line coach, Terrell Williams.


Tyson Williams had just turned four years of age days ago. But there was not much celebration to be had as little Tyson had acquired an unexpected illness earlier this month. He had been under care at the Oakland Children's Hospital for over a week battling the illness and Friday he lost that battle.

"We were all shocked by the news we received when we arrived in Baltimore last night," said Head Coach Dennis Allen. "Terrell and Tifini have been dealing with unimaginable tragedy this week, and our hearts go out to them. We're all deeply saddened by the passing of Tyson, and our deepest sympathies go out to Terrell and his entire family."

This news is truly tragic and I cannot possibly imagine the grief the Williams' family must be feeling at this moment.

According to the Raiders press release:

Born in West Lafayette, Ind., on the day his dad's Purdue team beat Michigan in Ann Arbor, Nov. 1, 2008, Tyson in four short years had made countless friends in Indiana, Texas and California. He loved cartoons, and his family especially was proud of how caring he was to his eight-month-old brother, Tahj. In fact, before Tyson passed away, he taught his brother to clap.

Allen said the defensive coaching staff will share the workload in Williams' absence, and Williams will have as much time as he needs to mourn with his family before returning to the team.

The Raiders ask for those who wish to send condolences to mail them to Williams at team headquarters, 1220 Harbor Bay Parkway; Alameda, CA 94502.