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Raiders at Ravens week 10 game thread: Second half

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The Raiders enter the second half down 27-10. And the outlook is not good.

Patrick Smith

The Raiders moved the ball into Ravens territory on their first drive but when they went for it on fourth and one, Mike Brisiel stepped on Carson Palmer's foot to give up the sack and turn the ball over on downs. That's how things went for the Raiders offense for much of the first half.

While the Raiders offense was going nowhere, the defense was escorting the Ravens for scores. The Ravens didn't punt one time in the first half. Their drives all ended like this: Field goal, Touchdown, Touchdown, Field goal, Interception (Michael Huff), Touchdown.

The one time the Raiders were able to stop the Ravens from driving for a score was when Michael Huff intercepted the ball at the Ravens' 20 yard line. But the Raiders were unable to capitalize on the fantastic field position and settled for a field goal.

The Raiders kept their streak of scoring in the final two minutes alive. Palmer connected with Darrius Heyward-Bey who broke a tackle and ran for a 60-yard touchdown. The celebration wouldn't last long, however, as the defense immediately gave up a long drive to the Ravens who scored a touchdown when Ray Rice walked into the endzone untouched from eight yards out.

Let's see if the Raiders can actually do something in the third quarter. (aaaand so much for that. Ravens score a touchdown on a long bomb on the second play.)