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Video: Raiders vs Ravens rapid reaction

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Silver & Black Pride Lead Writer Levi Damien checks in with his instant reaction following the Raiders loss to the Ravens in Baltimore Sunday.

That was kinda like Groundhog day wasn’t it? Didn’t we go through this last week against the Buccaneers? Watch it, that first step is a dooozie! But while Doug Martin and the Buccaneers made roadkill of the Raiders last week, the Ravens swooped in and picked their carcasses clean.

And a skeleton of a team the Raiders were in this game. The walking dead. Lurching along looking for brains. And if they ever find any, they should probably use them because this team is not smart.

At least last week we could say the Raiders failing happened on defense. The offense, led by Carson Palmer, came together and made a game of it. That cannot be said for this game. They were beaten soundly on every front—offense, defense, and special teams. A true masterpiece of a meltdown.

Maybe if they had the Raiders fans from the Bud Light commercial turning their beer labels to give them some luck. At this point a beer or five would provide just the kind of luck they could use right about now.