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Raiders have NFL's easiest remaining strength of schedule

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The strength of schedule numbers for the remainder of the season have the Raiders tied with the Broncos for the easiest remaining schedule this season.

Justin Edmonds

It may not be of any consolation to some but the Raiders technically have the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL. The win percentage of their final seven opponents is .365 which is tied with the Broncos for the lowest in the NFL.

The Raiders only face one team with a winning record the remainder of the season-the Broncos-and three teams with two wins or less. Here are their final seven opponents with their records:

Saints 4-5

Bengals 4-5

Browns 2-7

Broncos 6-3

Chiefs 1-8

Panthers 2-7

Chargers 4-5

That is just based on records, however. If you use the Football Outsiders DVOA future schedule, the Raiders are at 24th in strength of schedule while the Broncos are still at 32. They do face the rest of the AFC West, after all.

Based on record alone, the Raiders (3-6) are still worse than most of the teams they have yet to face. But they do have a decent shot at pulling out at least three more wins this season. If they were to only get those three wins it would still mean a losing season (6-10) but based on what we have seen the past two weeks, that would be somewhat unexpected.

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