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Khalif Barnes set to return week 11 against Saints

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The Raiders had their season starting right tackle, Khalif Barnes back at practice this week and he is on track to return to the lineup this Sunday when the Raiders take on the Saints.

Oakland Raiders offensive tackle Khalif Barnes
Oakland Raiders offensive tackle Khalif Barnes
Levi Damien

Barnes was back at practice last week for the first time since the first game of the season. He went out with a groin injury and it had him out for two months. He was limited in practice last week and the decision was made that he was not quite ready to return and was inactive for last Sunday's game.

This week, however, he was listed as practicing full on Wednesday's injury report and took all the first team snaps at right tackle. This has his set to return to his starting job at right tackle this week when the New Orleans Saints come to Oakland.

In Barnes' absence, the Raiders have struggled at times on offense. His replacement, Willie Smith, has not played well in pass protection and Carson Palmer has been pressure, hit, and sacked several times each week. Smith is also good for a few holding penalties including one two weeks ago which called back a touchdown.

Barnes played well last season and earned the right tackle position for another season. He catches a lot of grief from fans but after seeing Willie Smith out there, they are screaming for Barnes to return. They will get their wish this Sunday.