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Dolphins vs Bills Thursday Night Football game thread

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In our game picks this week, there were a record nine consensus picks. This is not one of them.

Marc Serota

The Dolphins and Bills are in similar situation despite being two very different teams. The Bills have a good offense with a truly terrible defense. The Dolphins have a pretty good offense too but they have a very good offense, especially against the run.

The Raiders saw how good the Dolphins are first hand when they were destroyed by them in the second game of the season. Though much of that had to do with playing on the East coast in some pretty extreme humidity. The Raiders simply ran out of gas in the second half.

The Dolphins won't have the comforts of home against the Bills. They will be up in nippy Buffalo for this one. The Bills played a close game against the Patriots last week so we know they have some fight in them.

Both teams have former Raider players on them.

The Dolphins have former Raider cornerback and return man, Bryan McCann. He had made the Raiders final roster this season and even tweeted about it only to be cut hours later when the Raiders picked up some players off other team's scrap heaps.

The Bills have Oakland native and former Raider middle linebacker Kirk Morrison. Even on their horrid defense, he has barely seen the field. He had been moved to weak side linebacker but lost his starting job and has seen action in just one game this season with no starts.