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Raiders already avoid TV Blackout vs Saints

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The Oakland Raiders will not be contacting the NFL offices this week for more time to sell tickets to broadcast the game on local TV stations.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

After last Sunday against the Ravens I was worried that the tickets wouldn't sell in Oakland this week. The last two home games needing 24 hour extensions didn't help that worry either.

Thankfully all of my worry was for naught. The Raiders have already met the 85% quota needed to keep the game from being blacked out.

The tickets selling that quickly is a great show of support for a team that needs it. Thankfully it didn't hurt that the Saints were coming to town with the possibility of a shoot-out game.

Be as loud and proud as always Raider Nation members that are going to the game. The Who Dat crowd travels well and likes to show up loud, so make sure your ready to combat their energy! I certainly wish I could be out there with you cheering on the Raiders in what looks like should be a fun game.

If you still want to go to the game check this place out for your Oakland Raiders tickets.