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Raiders Chat with Levi Damien at 11:30am PST today Presented By XFINITY

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Levi Damien takes some time away from Raiders practice to chat with you fine folks. So let's do this.

Rob Carr

The Raiders have their final practice today before they are to face the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. I am sure you all have plenty of questions about the team as well as the game and I will be here at 11:30am today to chat it up like a quilters guild for a half hour.

So much to talk about. Some ideas could be: What is wrong with the Raiders defense? Is the Raiders defense really that bad? Can the Raiders defense get any worse? Seriously, what the f@#k is wrong with this defense? Although perhaps something more specific would be better.

Or we could broach subjects on offense: Will the running game ever get on track? Will the Raiders miss Darren McFadden? How many games before Carson Palmer's arm just falls off? If Willie Smith is on the bench and there is no defender there to run past him, does he still get Carson Palmer killed?

So many questions in so little time. So, no need to wait for me, go ahead and get started in the comment box and I will jump in when the clock strikes 11:30. Then the moment it strikes noon, I turn into a pumpkin. Actually, I have to head to the Dennis Allen press conference but whatever. At that point you can stalk me onto Twitter. Just click the button below.