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RaiderDamus' Friday Foretelling Week 11: Raiders vs. Saints

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The Raiders are cratering and the Saints are rounding into form. Do our heroes stand a chance at home Sunday?

Patrick Smith

Greetings, Raider fans! It is I, RaiderDamus, the greatest seer in history. Last week I correctly predicted a blowout of the Raiders in Baltimore. Carson Palmer had a bit more success than I anticipated, but when you have to throw the ball constantly you are bound to rack up the yards. Quantity over quality and all that. This week, the Raiders don't have any easier of a task attempting to stop Drew Brees and the rejuvenated New Orleans Saints.

The Saints were, earlier in the year, so bad they lost to the Chiefs at HOME. That's really awful considering the Chiefs have won only that game so far this season. The bright and silver lining to this upcoming turd sandwich of a game is that no matter how awful the Raiders are, the Chiefs are much, much worse.

The Raiders themselves aren't so much "bad" as they are "horribly maimed and brutalized" by which I mean they have a lot of guys hurt. For instance, pretty much their entire intended starting secondary. That's bad news against anyone but against Drew Brees it is a death sentence. Brees is going to throw for over 400 yards, possibly in the first series alone.

The good news is, the Raider passing game is great and the Saints defense is pretty much the worst in the league. They rank 31st in passing yards allowed and dead last in rushing yards allowed. That last stat is irrelevant, as the Raiders would not be able to establish a successful rushing attack against the California School of the Deaf and Blind, but the first one is. Carson Palmer will also break 400 yards, although he may take the better part of the first half to do so.

The thing about this game is that the Raiders will probably not be able to make many, if any, key stops on the Saints offense while the Raiders' general ineptitude and stubbornness will hinder them from keeping up with the onslaught. This will not be a blowout like last week but it will be more lopsided than the play on the field should dictate.

Saints win, 55-28.