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Monday morning reaction: Saints at Raiders

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This game hurt me more than any other game this season and despite what the Raiders players are saying it all but ended this season as a failure.


I have been heated on here in recent times defending the coaching staff. After this loss there really isn't much defending that can be left. The coaching staff needed to show Raider Nation some pride and perform well in this game. They did not.

I am not even very upset with the points scored by the Saints. They average over 28 points per game this season so 38 from them isn't as bad as it sounds. I am irate about the lack of points scored by the Raiders though. The Saints defense gives up points to everybody but still the Raiders could not get in the end zone. Yards do not matter if they do not result in scoring.

The one giant bright spot out of this dark and dismal game is Marcel Reece. Once again when asked to take on a role Reece has stood up and taken advantage of his chance. He amazes me with his versatility and 193 yards from scrimmage as a tailback is just another example of it.

This Raiders team has struggled to run the ball all year, having not eclipsed the 5 yard per carry average from a starting running back all year. Then put in Reece and watch the production begin. With a 5.4 average per carry to go with his 22.5 average per reception Marcel has once again proven that he can do whatever the team asks of him.

As soon as the Raiders got to that 1st and goal from the 1 yard line and did not score I figured this game was going to be ugly. Brandon Myers has been one of the most reliable players for the Raiders all year and when he dropped that touchdown resulting in an end zone interception the tone of the game was officially set.

Without a doubt this loss to the Saints is on the coaching staff. I can't deny it and I wont even try to. They needed to get this team ready to perform at their highest ability for this game and instead failed miserably. The fans already have been clamoring for some changes and this is what the coaching staff gives them in response? Just terrible.

At 3-7 the team is still not mathematically eliminated, but really that is just the math of it. I normally always go by the math and wouldn't admit a season to be lost until the math says so but this year I just see no reason to believe it will turn around.

The players can talk about winning out and finishing 9-7 as their goal, but as far as the product on the field is concerned that goal is pretty much completely unattainable. I hope that the players prove me wrong and come out looking actually prepared to play football the rest of the year. If the loss against Baltimore wasn't enough to do that then I have no belief that this loss against the Saints will suddenly jump start them.

I am pretty bitter about this team right now. When I look at this offense I see enough talent that they should not be losing this way. Its one thing to lose, its another to be embarrassed. This team has been embarrassing and there really isn't much to defend them from that statement.

I still do not believe Dennis Allen will be fired. Whether he should be fired is definitely debatable. I can not advocate firing him unless it was for Jon Gruden or another veteran coach that has been to the Super Bowl. Before this game against the Saints I wouldn't have even given that much of an argument against Allen.

After this game though where Dennis needed to get production in the worst way and got nothing out of the team I am now open to the idea of bringing a veteran in. If that is what the front office decides to do I wont argue much.

I am not open to bringing anybody in who has not proven to be successful. I believe Dennis Allen can improve as a coach and if we are going to bring in a replacement after just one season then it needs to be a proven winner and veteran leader.

We have a lot of games left in this season and it is imperative that the Raider perform well if Dennis Allen wants to keep his job. Mark Davis might be saying that Allen is under contract and will be here next year but that is very much yet to be seen. If the Raiders screw up the rest of the season like they did these past two weeks I would not be surprised to see them part ways with Allen.

The Raiders have the easiest schedule remaining in the NFL and they really need to take advantage of that. If they continue to regress so embarrassingly then all bets are off on who the head coach of the Raiders will be next year. It might already be too late for Allen if any certain fan favorite coaches decide they'd like to wear the Silver and Black again.