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Why have Raiders yet to fill open roster spot left by Curry release?

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The Raiders announced via Twitter on Tuesday that the they had waived linebacker Aaron Curry. But there was no formal press release and no announcement of a player to replace him.

Raiders linebacker Kaelin Burnett at 2012 mini camps
Raiders linebacker Kaelin Burnett at 2012 mini camps
Levi Damien

Typically during the season, business happens on Tuesday during the players' day off practice. Curry was waived which typically means they had already had a corresponding signing to fill his spot on the roster. And if not, they have players in mind and fill it shortly thereafter. Either way, by the time the players take the field for Wednesday's practice, they have a new teammate joining them.

That didn't happen this week. For Curry it means the team didn't cut him simply for the need to sign someone else at another position. That is often the case and it would mean Curry was simply a necessary sacrifice.

It would suggest the team simply wanted to move on from Curry. Perhaps the injuries to his knees flared up again or perhaps he never fully recovered. Or perhaps the two personal fouls on his first two trips onto the field two weeks ago played into it. The team signed Omar Gaither and suddenly Curry was expendable.

What it also could mean is the team has someone in mind to move up from the practice squad. The only linebacker on the practice squad is undrafted rookie Kaelin Burnett. The team really liked the potential they saw from him in camp and with an otherwise very thin linebacking corps for the Raiders, he seems like the most likely call up.

Others on the practice squad are DE Brandon Bair, CB Chimdi Chekwa, OG Jason Foster, DB Corey Nelms, WR Travionte Sessions, TE Mickey Shuler, and OT Jason Slowey.