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Oakland Raiders giving back this Thanksgiving

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Several members of the Oakland Raiders gave back to their community this Thanksgiving. There were two primary events which took place to help give those in need a Happy Thanksgiving.

Matt Shaughnessy and Richard Seymour at Oakland Raiders training camp
Matt Shaughnessy and Richard Seymour at Oakland Raiders training camp
Levi Damien

The first was Richard Seymour who personally passed out Thanksgiving food baskets that will feed 150 families at the Columbian Gardens Food Pantry

Quarterback Terrelle Pryor, long snapper Jon Condo, wide receiver Derek Hagan, defensive end Matt Shaughnessy, and running back Taiwan Jones were at the Alameda Community Food Bank. They were sorting, screening, boxing and shelving food items in preparation for the busy holiday season in the main warehouse.

In addition, several members of the Raiders' Staff and their families visited the food bank and assisted in the preparation of food items in the Food Bank's main warehouse in Oakland in the week leading up to Thanksgiving.

It's another way the Raiders are giving back to their community. The Oakland Raiders encourage fans to volunteer and donate food and supplies to help those in need each Thanksgiving.

The Oakland Raiders are hosting a virtual food drive with the Food Bank to encourage fans to donate money for supplies: To donate,Click here.