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Thanksgiving Day Football games open thread

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Three games on tap today for Thanksgiving. If you are feeling like chatting today during the game with your fellow Raider fans, let's get the conversation going.

David Welker

The Lions and Texans are on now in a wild one. The two offenses are lighting it up with big runs and big passes.

The Lions scored on their opening drive for the first time this season. Since then, the Lions have held the lead much of the time but the Texans are keeping it close. We know what the Texans are capable of doing. They came back from being down big against the Jaguars last week to win it.

There have been some controversial moments in this game. Ndamukong Suh came in on a rush and was blocked only to see him flare his leg out and nail Matt Schaub in the nuts with his foot. Hard to say if it was intentional but with Suh's reputation, he is not being given the benefit of the doubt.

The next controversial call was when Texans' running back Justin Forsett was down but a whistle was not blown and he ran it for a touchdown. It would have been reviewed and overturned but Lions coach Jim Schwartz threw the challenge flag before a call could be made. Not only is that considered a 15-yard penalty but due to a stupid rule, the throwing of the challenge flag on a play the coach was not allowed to review, resulted in no official review and the touchdown stood.

The Lions were up 31-24 in the fourth quarter but the Texans were able to score to tie it and take it to overtime. In the overtime period there were turnovers by both teams as well as missed field goals by both teams and it kept going for quite a while, looking like we could have our second tie game of the season.

Up next is the Cowboys and Redskins take the second game which kicked off just after the Lions, Texans game finally ended. In this game the RGIII and the Redskins head to Dallas.

The Redskins head coach is the hated former Broncos and Raiders head coach, Mike Shanahan.

The Cowboys have former Raiders draft pick Eric Frampton at safety.

Robert Griffin III threw for four touchdowns for the second game in a row. He was helped by the Cowboys who turned the ball over three times. The Redskins put up 28 points in the second quarter alone. The Cowboys made a game of it by scoring 28 points in the second half but ten more points by the Redskins in the fourth quarter and they put the game away.

The Jets face the Patriots coming up at 5:20 Pacific on NBC.

This should be a win by the Patriots. Then again we all thought the Jets would lose to the Rams last week too and they somehow pulled it out. The Rams are as inconsistent as the Jets but they have a better defense than the Patriots.

The Patriots have Raiders former defensive end Trevor Scott on their roster. The Jets have Raiders former receiver, Chaz Schilens who is suddenly injury free now that he isn't in Silver and Black. He followed Raiders former wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal to New York.