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Raiders vs Bengals week 12 game thread: Second half

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What can be said about this first half for the Raiders? It was a completely lopsided first two quarters in favor of the Bengals as the Raiders continue to be utterly inept on both sides of the ball.

Jamie Squire

On offense, the Raiders have four first downs. Carson Palmer has been constantly under pressure and even when he does get the ball away, his receivers are dropping the ball including two third downs. The result is his completing just 50% of his passes (9 of 18) for 70 yards.

Marcel Reece has not been able to get going in the run game either. He has just 16 yards on 6 carries. Late in the second quarter, the Raiders went for it on fourth and one and handed the ball to Owen Schmitt. But the offensive line couldn't get any push and the run was stuffed to turn it over on downs.

The opposite has been true for the Bengals. Each time they have been in third and short, and ran the ball, they have converted. Bengals running back BenJarvis Green-Ellis is already at 74 yards rushing and one touchdown thanks in part to a huge 48 yard run on his second carry of the game. That run set the Bengals up at the one yard line and Green-Ellis punched it in two plays later.

The Bengals scored touchdowns on three of their first four possession while the Raiders had just three total first downs. Then with time winding down, the Raiders offense looked like it might be able to at least put a field goal on the board but again, Palmer was under pressure which caused a high pass that was tipped by Reece and intercepted. After the return and a catch, instead of the Raiders heading into halftime with a field goal, it was the Bengals who would add one.

The Raiders are now down 24-0. Outside of a miracle, I don't know what to tell you to hope for but I know what you should expect. The Raiders are about to enter their worst quarter - the dreaded third. Dignity is lost. Pride probably is lost as well. This is pathetic.