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Saints vs Falcons Thursday Night game thread

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It's the only game in town tonight so I know you all will be watching. There is plenty to chat about so let's do it.

Chris Graythen

The Saints are the team which spoiled the Falcons' undefeated season when they went to New Orleans a few weeks ago. It is still their only loss of the season. Now the Falcons will look to get their revenge in their own house.

Lately Matt Ryan has been an interception machine and yet the Falcons continue to win. Things should come a bit easier against the Saints poor passing defense but I would not bank on it. If he doesn't rein it in a little, the Saints high-flying offense will take another one from them.

Dennis Allen is very familiar with both of these teams. He was the defensive backs coach for a few seasons in New Orleans before he became the Broncos defensive coordinator. He went to the Super Bowl with the Saints and they won it. Before he was with the Saints, he was an assistant coach in Atlanta. He broke into the league with the Falcons in fact.

The Raiders have played both of these teams this season. In fact, they have played all three of Allen's former teams-and lost to all three of them.

Now let's watch two of them beat up on each other for a night.