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Silver and Blacked out in Oakland

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The Raiders recent woes have finally caught up to their ticket sales as they have failed to sell out this Sunday's game versus Cleveland.

Ezra Shaw

The Raiders had sold out all 8 games last year and all 5 of the previous home games this season but that streak has come to an end. The game hadn't even sold enough tickets to get an extension on ticket sales from the NFL.

With the Raiders failing to sell out they will now be blacked out this Sunday in the local areas. That means if you live within the 75 mile radius from the stadium you will not be able to watch the Raiders on TV this Sunday.

This news isn't exactly surprising considering the woes of both the Raiders and the Browns this season. With the Raiders playing so badly as of late the ticket sales inevitably were going to take a hit.

It would've happened in the last home game too but the Saints with Drew Brees was a compelling enough opponent to sell out. It didn't hurt the ticket sales that there were quite a few tickets sold to Saints fans either. The Cleveland match-up definitely has not drawn the same interest.

The news of the blackout might not be a surprise but it is disappointing. This is a direct hit to Mark Davis' efforts to get new facilities for the Raiders in the Bay Area. The less tickets that sell, the harder it will be to get a desperately needed new stadium for the Raiders in Oakland

With the blackout rules in effect you won't be able to watch your Raiders at home this Sunday. That means if you want to see your team you will need to buy some Oakland Raiders tickets.