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Raiders suspend Rolando McClain for conduct detrimental

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The Raiders and Dennis Allen announce today that middle linebacker Rolando McClain has been suspended two games for conduct detrimental to the team.

Ezra Shaw

During Wednesday's practice, Rolando McClain and head coach Dennis Allen had heated words during practice. The conversation ended with McClain being kicked out of practice and sent home. McClain then showed up on the practice report as not having participated with a non injury.

Dennis Allen was asked in his press conference why McClain was listed as having practiced. After all, he had been present during the media window to start practice. Allen would only say he was not present for what he terms "team related issues".

Shortly after the press conference, McClain posted on his facebook page that he was officially no longer a Raider. He quickly said that it wasn't official but that he was "mentally done" and that it was simply a matter of paperwork. Along with that, he also had some pointed words that ultimately added fuel to the Raiders fire and aided in getting him suspended.

The media took McClain at his word and it was widely reported that he was no longer a Raider. The Raiders said he was officially still on the roster and Dennis Allen said Thursday that McClain was asked not to come back to practice and that there would be consequences to his actions.

Those consequences turned out to be a two game suspension. McClain will be docked two game checks which amounts to about $57,000 per game for a total of more than $114,000.

It was my suspicion that the Raiders indeed were prepared to cut ties with McClain but after his actions as well as his words, the opportunity to suspend him without pay arose. If he were waived, he would either latch on with another team immediately and essentially be rewarded, or he would go unclaimed and the Raiders would be on the hook for the remainder of his contract.

There is a chance the Raiders still decide to waive him after his suspension which ends December 10. After what he said, it may be hard to bring him back into the fold.

UPDATE: I just received word that McClain will be placed on the reserve/suspended by club list and his roster spot will be made available.