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Report: Terrelle Pryor to see action Sunday

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The talk this week was about Dennis Allen saying the team had discussed the possibility of activating Terrelle Pryor for this week's game against the Browns. Now according to sources close to Monte Poole of the Bay Area News Group, Pryor will suit up Sunday.


Pryor has not suited up for the Raiders once this season thru 11 games. This will be his first game activated to the gameday lineup. If he sees the field, it will likely be in specialty packages-most likely utilizing his legs.

The game is supposed to be rainy and very wet which would suggest both team will be focusing on the ground game. Pryor's speed from the quarterback will come in handy if the Raiders decide to attempt some spread option or wildcat type plays. He made a couple really nice plays in the third week of the preseason, one of which was a long run followed up by a 12-yard touchdown run.

At this point there is no reason to think this is anything but a wrinkle added to the offense to utilize a weapon. That means expecting Pryor to somehow start anytime soon would be expecting too much. This is more of a trial period for Pryor and to try and throw some new looks at the opposing defenses.