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Four Raiders fined for brawl with Bengals

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The NFL handed down several fines today for the fight in the fourth quarter of the Raiders game against the Bengals in Cincinnati.

Andy Lyons

There were five fines in total with four of those fines coming against the Raiders. Each player was fined $26.250 for a total of $131,250 going to NFL charities.

The one Bengal who was fined was offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth. The Raiders who were fined were the entire Raiders starting defensive line of Lamarr Houston, Tommy Kelly, Matt Shaughnessy, and Desmond Bryant. You can see in this clip why they were fined.


Tommy Kelly wasn't on the field when the brawl broke out. He was ejected for leaving the sideline along with Lamarr Houston who engaged with Whitworth. Shaughnessy and Bryant both took several jabs at Whitworth with Shaughnessy coming down with a right arm to knock him to the turf.

The fight broke out when Lamarr Houston took Bengals quarterback down hard after the whistle on a Bengals false start. The tempers flared because of an inadvertent whistle which took a defensive touchdown away from the Raiders and mysteriously gave the Bengals the option to replay third down.

These fines add to the Raiders already having been punished with the result of that inadvertent whistle call by the officials. They deserved the fines but they also deserve at very least an apology from the league for the officials call on the field.