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Tommy Kelly tried to talk Rolando McClain out of tirade

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Following Rolando McClain being kicked out of practice Wednesday, Tommy Kelly spoke with the heated linebacker in an attempt to talk some sense into him. The talk was not a successful one.

Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Tommy Kelly
Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Tommy Kelly
Levi Damien

"He was kinda in the heat of the moment so temper are flaring at the time." Said Kelly of McClain's mood immediately following Dennis Allen giving him the boot from practice.

"I mean what happened, happened between him and the coach, I really don't know, I wasn't around but when I got a chance to say something to him, I let him know, don't [expletive] yourself up just because y'all have a disagreement. I mean sometimes you just gotta swallow it, you know you what I'm saying? ‘Alright coach', just take it, you know?"

"I mean, man, it's a situation where me personally I don't want that from Ro because I've been around here and seen players go out and have differences with coaches and it snowballs and it kind of hurts you from going onto the next team. So, I just wanted him to just like, just know what you're doing homie, you know what I'm saying. Even if you do have a disagreement with somebody, don't let it affect your future earnings or your future anything you can do in your career. You don't want nobody to put no bad label on you, say you're a bad guy, so it would be hard to get a job. That's what I wanted him to know."

"I told him that. He knows how I feel about this. You're always gonna have disagreements with the coaches and everything but in the end they're gonna win out. There's no use in really fighting it because they got the power of the pen. They can ruin your career so I just wanted him to know, don't ruin your career off a small disagreement."

Even after Kelly spoke to him, McClain went on facebook and announced prematurely to the world that he was "Officially no longer an Oakland Raider". He then said it was not technically official but he was "Mentally done" and went on to say that he was glad to leave so he could join a "real team".

He quickly erased the messages on facebook but the evidence was already making the rounds.

Even then one might argue that his actions were still in the heat of the moment. But word from Reggie McKenzie today was that McClain is still not apologizing for anything he did. He also said it was not the first time they have had issues with McClain and all of this played into his getting suspended for two games this season.

Tommy Kelly may not seem like the most obvious place for McClain to take advice but if he had taken Kelly's advice, he might be a lot better off today. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.