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Levi Damien in Weekly Xfinity chat

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With the Raiders set to play the Browns this Sunday in Oakland, Silver & Black Pride Lead Writer sat down for a chat with Xfinity Sports Guy, Austin Schindel for an interview.

Ezra Shaw

Each week Xfinity Sports Guy Austin Schindel chats with a writer who covers one of the 32 NFL teams. This week it was my turn to step in and take a few questions about the Raiders and their season so far and season ahead.

We broached several subjects in the interview. The first being Terrelle Pryor who, as it turns out, will be active Sunday against the Browns although he may very well not take the field. Pryor is a hot subject as the former Rose Bowl champion QB out of Ohio State was chosen by the Raiders with a third round pick in the 2011 supplemental draft.

The next subject, as it turns out, is quite topical as well. We discuss the coaching turnover the Raiders have had in the past decade. Reggie McKenzie spoke to the media today and said he will be evaluating the entire coaching staff following the season. That means there could very well be some changes again.

The final subject we delve into is where the fault lies in this team whether it be coaching or players. Truth be told, it is not the fault of one or the other. There was never a lot of depth on this team and what players they do have are being forced into a new scheme of which they are not familiar. The result speaks for itself.

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