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Live chat with Levi Damien at noon

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Hey sports fans, what better way to gear up for the game than to chat with lil ole me? Ok, so there are a lot of better ways, but add that to the list.


I will be here live to talk all things Raiders as at noon for a half hour they warm up to face the Buccaneers at today. I'll be reporting live from the press box at the coliseum as per usual so shoot me any questions you have or we can just chat.

Anything Raiders is fair game but possible game related subjects might be: Both teams playing well of late, Raiders run defense versus Doug Martin. Containing Josh Freeman. Raiders pass defense versus the Buccaneers talented wide outs. The offensive line blocking schemes. Whether Darren McFadden can put together two good games in a row. Carson Palmer's control of the offense.

This game could be pretty important as the Raiders try to prove that they belong in the race for a playoff spot.

No need to wait for me to enter the conversation. Go ahead and get started and when I arrive, I'll join in.