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Fantasy Football advice for Week 10

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Its already Week 10 and we now are heading into the final stretches of the year. As always ask any questions you would like advice on in the comments section!

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Undeniable Truth of the week

Sometimes your losing record does not require you making major changes. Pay close attention to why you haven't been winning as much you'd like, which of course is EVERY WEEK, and make your moves accordingly.

Sometimes it really is just bad luck for why you just lost. Look at your overall points for the year and see where your team ranks before making any aggressive moves.

If you are on the bottom half in points for the teams in your league then making a move is probably your best option. That isn't just for people with losing records, sometimes you have low points but a winning record.

Some say don't mess with a good thing but I prefer to fix weaknesses rather than try and continue your good luck. Chances are if you are a low scoring team that is getting lucky to win then that luck will run out eventually, and sometimes in the worst spots like when the playoffs start.

On the flip side of that though is that sometimes its just bad luck that you lost or are losing. If you look and you are near the top of your league in points scored even though your record doesn't reflect that then don't be too quick to make a trade. Sometimes your team isn't going to get better by making a move and you could weaken your team right before your luck turns around.

An example of this is when you score the 2nd highest total of the week but still lose. Do not over react and change everything up if that happens because you must remember you did outscore every other possible match-up. It was just the bad luck of playing the one person that could win that week. For some people that happens week after week and it can be very frustrating but always remember to think it through and consider the circumstances before weakening your team with an unnecessary move.

Best Match-Ups of the Week

NE Patriots against Buffalo: The first time these two teams played each other it was fantasy points galore. I expect the same this week. If you have just about any player on either team its worth starting them. I expect an especially large game from Brandon Lloyd and Stevie Johnson specifically. If your thinking of starting a Patriot or a Bill this week then you probably should.

Miami against Tennessee: The Dolphins are a lot better than advertised and have a very favorable match-up against a not good Tennessee defense. On the other side the Dolphins just gave up 430 yards passing to Andrew Luck. Miami is still in the playoffs hunt and Tennessee is trying to keep their coach Mike Munchek from being fired. I think Brian Hartline, Ryan Tannehil, Kenny Britt and whichever QB starts for the Titans between Hassleback and Jake Locker are all players that could be worth starting if you have players on bye that need to be replaced. Chris Johnson and Reggie Bush are must starts.

NO vs ATL and Indy vs Jax: Basically if there is a player that you have playing against the Saints or the Jaguars its likely a player worth starting. Saints players are always worth taking a look at starting as well. Basically just don't play a Jaguar when it comes to these match-ups.

Worst Match-ups of the Week

Houston vs Chicago: This is a battle of the best defenses in the league. I expect that to be pretty obvious on Sunday Night. There are a lot of must starts in this game anyway but be prepared for the possibility they will get shut out. Its hard to predict anything in this game except that Brandon Marshall will probably get another TD at some point and so will Arian Foster. I wouldn't be thrilled having to start anybody in this match-up even with them being super stars though.

Carolina vs Denver: Denver players are probably in for a big night but do not play any Panther other than maybe Cam Newton and I guess by default Steve Smith. Honestly I bench every Panther player period and expect this game to be a one sided massacre with Peyton Manning embarrassing the Carolina defense which actually isn't that bad of a defense.

Jets against Seahawks: Both defenses are stout and other than the defenses I would not start a single person in this game. I expect this game to be pretty ugly and do not trust a single offensive player here.