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Darren McFadden in walking boot

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The chances of Darren McFadden playing this week were already slim. Now he has shown up at practice in a walking boot.

Ezra Shaw

Dennis Allen may not be ruling Darren McFadden out for Sunday's game but the walking boot he is wearing pretty much ends and discussion there. The same goes for Mike Goodson who was also sporting a walking boot.

McFadden suffered what is being called a high ankle sprain in Sunday's game versus the Buccaneers. X-rays and an MRI have come up negative but we have heard this story before with regard to McFadden's wheels.

He went out with a Lis Franc injury last season and test results were negative then too. He was out the final ten games of the season. So much for that.

Mike Goodson also has a high ankle sprain. He too has not been ruled out for this Sunday's game but there is really no chance he plays. High ankle sprains can keep players out for a very long time. For instance, Shawntae Spencer went out with a sprained foot in week two and he has yet to return. That's two months... so far.

The walking boot development only further raises the unlikelihood that we see McFadden take the field anytime soon.