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S&BP Pick 6 week 9 Leaderboard: Get your picks in by Thursday Night Football

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We display the Silver & Black Pride Pick 6 leaderboard for week 9 so the winners may have bragging rights. Get your picks in by the Thursday night game to have a shot at the leaderboard next week.

This week's Pick 6 winner is a common appearance on the Silver & Black Pride. UL is my hot hot sex has had me saying his weird name on a few occasions. This week he takes the top spot with a solid score of 119.6. That is good for the 15thoverall spot. And that isn't even as high as he has been this season. He took the top spot in week six which was good for the number 8 overall spot. So, nice work!

UL is my hot hot sex and some others have made S&BP proud as this marks the sixth time this season S&BP has had a member in the top 50.

Other recurring S&BP leaderboarders are northernraider who comes in at number two as well as black patch and silver swords who took the number one spot last week and J.A.Raider who slides in at number ten. After a couple weeks in which I didn't make the top ten, I am back this week at number 7 thanks to the Carson Palmer/ Brandon Myers connection.

Get in there and play Pick 6. It's easy, it's fun, and it's free. You also don't need to have played all season. It is a weekly game so you can jump in anytime.

Click here to pick your team.