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Colts vs Jaguars Thursday Night Football game thread

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It's Thursday Night and you don't have anything better to do than watch football, let's be honest. So why not make it that much more fun by talking to your fellow Raider fans while you're at it?

Thomas J. Russo-US PRESSWIRE

Andrew Luck is having a great season and actually has the exact same number of passing yards (2404) as the guy he replaced in Indianapolis, Peyton Manning. Weird that they have the EXACT same number of yards, but they do. Although, to be fair, Peyton has twice as many TD's (20-10) and less interceptions as well (6-8).

Luck was the top pick in the 2012 draft as we all know. The quarterback on the other side was the Jaguars top pick, Blaine Gabbert. That pick has not worked out so well.

Raider fans got to see just how bad Gabbert is first hand three weeks ago. That is before he left the game injured and was replaced by Matt Moore.

The Colts have Raiders former starting center Samson Satele on their team. He has played quite well for them playing in all but one game this season as the fulltime starter.

The Jaguars will be without their number one weapon, Maurice Jones-Drew who went out with a foot injury on the second play of their game against the Raiders.