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Fantasy football advice Week 15

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Just Win Baby! Its playoff times so act accordingly! Here is my weekly fantasy football column for you to enjoy. Good luck with your teams and may luck be with you!

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Undeniable Truth of the Week

PLAYOFFS! Lets get ready to rumble people because there shouldn't be a single league left that is not into their playoffs by now. Its gone from a week to week approach to a do or die now. That means you must be prepared for the match-up.

Make sure that your players that you are planning on relying on are healthy and ready to go. Make sure that your line ups are fully placed and that you feel confident with the team you are putting forth. You no longer get any second chances. This is what you played for, now go out there and win if its at all in your power.

If you made the playoffs you know that records no longer matter. It doesn't matter if the person you are playing scored 100's more points than you throughout the season, its now just about this one week. Play it like that. Be bold, be smart and do not be intimidated.

If you have a gut feeling on a player trust it. There are no rooms for error anymore, good luck!

Best Match-Ups of the Week

Tampa Bay at New Orleans: This promises to be a fun game. Both of these teams have extremely well rounded offenses with severely lacking defensive prowess. The last time these teams met it was a high octane affair and this one promises to be no different. Neither team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs and both want to finish out their seasons proudly.

Houston at Indianapolis: The Colts are holding on strong to a playoff spot and the Texans are fighting to keep their grasp on the number one seed. The Texans just lost badly this past Monday night to the Patriots and will look to rebound well against the Colts. Indy on the other hand knows that if they really want to get into the playoffs it starts with winning at least one of the two remaining games they have left against these Texans. Both teams have a ton to play for.

San Francisco at New England: These are two powerhouse teams that are both still fighting to get their first round byes. Both teams have been playing great and I think this will be the best game of the week. This is another game that promises to be high scoring. The Pats can take on the 49ers defense and the Pats defense has been known to give up points too.

Worst Match-Ups of the week

Chicago at Green Bay: This game is always a tough fought game and there is a lot of animosity between the two teams after the sack fest that was their first game this year. These teams hate each other and want to destroy each other, it promises to be a nitty gritty defensive battle.They both know each other so well that its often hard for either team to do much against the other.

Dallas at Pittsburgh: Another battle that promises to be defensive. The Cowboys biggest weapon is Dez Bryant who has a severely broken index finger that requires surgery. It appears Dez will delay that surgery but its a very tough injury for a receiver to work through. The Steelers on the other hand are in more disarray than I can ever remember. The fans are frustrated, the team is frustrated, and believe it or not there appears to be a growing disconnect between the team and their great head coach Mike Tomlin.

Denver at Baltimore: Peyton Manning can beat anybody so this game could still feature some high scoring but it has major playoff implications so the two stellar defense are going to be ready for this one. Cam Cameron was fired as the Ravens OC and is being replaced by Jim Caldwell which is a major adjustment for a team to make right now. I have trouble believing the already struggling offense of the Ravens are going to do much against the Von Doom combo that the Broncos have. Another game that really seems to be a defensive battle coming up in this one.fa