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Raiders receive blackout extension

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The Raiders have received a 24-hour extension to try and sell enough tickets to be aired on local television.

Brian Bahr

The deadline for meeting the 85% ticket sales required for the Raiders to air on local television was noon on Thursday. The Raiders have asked and been granted a 24-hour extension to meet the minimum.

This is the third time this season the Raiders have received an extension. It almost certainly means the minimum will be met and the game will air on TV. They will have until noon Friday to meet it officially.

This is the final home game for the Raiders this season. They have met the requirement and been aired locally in all but one game this season. The only game they failed to do it was two weeks ago when the Browns came to Oakland. That game had little draw as it was a non-division opponent with a poor record.

This week the division rival Chiefs come to town so there is expected to be enough interest in the game to have it airing locally.

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