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Five Good Questions with Chiefs blog Arrowhead Pride

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For this week's FGQ I spoke with Joel Thorman with Chiefs blog Arrowhead Pride. Here is what he had to say about his struggling team.


1. Does Brady Quinn appear to be a step up from Matt Cassel?

Eh. Maybe? I dunno. If he is, it's certainly not noticeable, and certainly not enough to change our mind that the Chiefs need a new quarterback next year. Quinn appears to have a stronger arm and can stretch the field a little more, but that's only compared to Cassel. Quinn is by no means a threat to cut you up down the field. There's not much difference between the two.

2. There were high hopes for the Chiefs this season. What part has been the most disappointing based on initial expectations?

Probably the receivers, which in turn is an indictment on the quarterbacks. But everyone knew the Chiefs quarterback situation wasn't great. Many thought the Chiefs would have a better set of receivers. Dwayne Bowe is Dwayne Bowe and, even though he won't play on Sunday, he's had a decent season. Jon Baldwin, a first round pick, lit it up in training camp but he hasn't done much of anything this season. The only person more invisible than Baldwin is Steve Breaston, who is being benched ... for some reason. With the investment at that position -- two first round picks, a second round pick and a free agent with a five-year contract -- I thought they'd be much better.

3. Last time I spoke with Matt Conner, a few weeks ago, he had said Stanford Routt was a good signing. He was cut shortly thereafter. What happened there?

Routt looked like a good signing on paper last March. He was cheaper than Brandon Carr, who left via free agency, and the talent level didn't seem all that different. But once Routt hit the field we noticed the difference between him and Carr. The Chiefs didn't have a lot of loyalty to Routt, and with a lot of money due next year he probably wasn't coming back, so I'm thinking that his release was also intended to send a bit of a message to the rest of the Chiefs.

4. Do you think the Chiefs are a couple pieces away from contending? If so, which pieces? If not, what building blocks are in place?

It seems insane to answer yes to this question because they're 2-11 but NFL teams show us every year that they can go from worst-to-first. If the Chiefs had a solid quarterback, they'd be a playoff contender. There's a lot of individual talent on this team, but they haven't put it all together. A quarterback always makes a huge difference.

5. If the seasons were to end today, the Chiefs would have the top pick in the draft. Do you see it remaining that way and which position/player would you like to see the Chiefs draft?

Yes, I think the Chiefs will get the top pick. I think the Raiders will beat them this weekend, which will put that into motion. The position I want them to draft is quarterback. Which one? I'm not sure yet, but quarterbacks always rise to the top of the class between the end of the season and the draft in April. I think that will happen this year as well. Just hoping we don't get a JaMarcus at the top of the draft.