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Branch back at practice, Seymour setback

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Raiders practice today saw Tyvon Branch return to action but Richard Seymour back on the shelf.

Tyvon Branch at Raiders practice
Tyvon Branch at Raiders practice
Levi Damien

Tyvon Branch had been out of practice all week with a neck and ankle injury but he returned today to practice with his teammates.

Richard Seymour had been practicing for the first time in five weeks with a hamstring and knee injury but he was sidelined today and is unlikely to play Sunday.

The injury report comes out later today and I would expect Branch to be questionable for Sunday's game against the Chiefs. If he can't go, he will again be replaced at strong safety by Mike Mitchell.

Seymour has been replaced by Desmond Bryant since he has been out and look for that to continue. The team most likely prefers to have Bryant playing anyway as they go through their youth movement. They need to continue to get looks at Bryant to see if he can be the guy going forward. At this point, Seymour just gets in the way of that which could be why he is sidelined again. No rush to get him back into the lineup.