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Terrelle Pryor sees his first action as an NFL player

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Terrelle Pryor was chosen in the third round of the 2011 supplemental draft out of Ohio State and today he saw his first official NFL play.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders are in a self-admitted youth movement right now as they play out the final few games of a lost season. The goal now is to get a chance to take a look at some of the young players on this team to help plan for the future. One such young player is Terrelle Pryor.

The coaches have made no qualms about the fact that they have been practicing packages for Pryor with the intention of getting him some playing time. The main reason it had not happened, by their explanation, was they were waiting for the right situation. Whatever that situation was, it presented itself today.

"The plan was to get him in the first series of the second quarter and then kind of let the game play out from there." Said Dennis Allen. "We went three-and-out in that series and I thought we were doing some nice things with Carson and nice things in the run game and we just stuck with the plan."

Pryor did indeed enter on the very first play of the second quarter. It wasn't the first time Pryor had set foot on the field of an NFL game. He entered a game last season for a wildcat type play but he moved prior to the snap causing a false start so the play never actually happened. This series began the same way - with a false start. Only this time it was right guard Mike Brisiel who was the culprit.

So he would have his first official play in first and 15. His plays went like this: handoff to Darren McFadden for a six yard gain, handoff to McFadden on a two yard gain, and an pass intended for Darrius Heyward-Bey that was well defended and fell incomplete.

Carson Palmer returned to the game on the next series and Pryor's day was done. But it was something. Pryor referred to it as a "Stepping stone". And the fans were glad to see Al Davis' last draft pick finally take the field in a regular season game. Pryor could feel the love from the home fans when he came on the field.

"Yeah, Oakland loves me," said Pryor. "I love Oakland. I was excited to get out there. There's not much I can say. I only had four plays, so not much I could really pick apart about myself. The defense that was there on that third-down pass, wasn't a great type of play for that defense. We weren't expecting it. But you know, next play. That means practice, get ready in practice next week, and just keep pushing as I always do."

Even if it isn't the ideal situation for the former top high school recruit and Rose Bowl champion quarterback, he understands his role on the team right now. He also has no delusions that he should start or would somehow be the answer to the Raiders' issues.

"Carson, he hasn't did anything wrong," said Pryor. "I think he did everything he can to try to win this year. Obviously we want to score points, but he hasn't played bad at all. If you really go back and look at film, it's either a guy ran short on a route or a missed block assignment, anything like that. It's not on Carson. He plays great. You can't just take a guy out that plays great like that. I just love learning from him, like I said, and I look forward to keep on learning from him."

I would expect we will see Pryor again at some point before the season is through. Perhaps even more than one series this time. But make no mistake, Dennis Allen is still trying to win games so the situation will have to be ideal again for it to happen.