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Welcome to Gameday: Raiders vs Browns

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The Raiders (3-8) host the Cleveland Browns (3-8) today as both teams look to add some respectability to their lost seasons.

Ezra Shaw

Who: Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders

Where: Coliseum, Oakland California

When: 1:25pm Pacific Standard Time

TV: CBS (local area blackout)

The Raiders and Brown come into this game with identical records on the season. However, despite their mutual struggles, these are two very different teams.

The Browns have a very competitive defense and they have been able to stay in many games this season despite coming up short most of the time. The Raiders have arguably the worst defense in the NFL and have lost four games in a row while giving up a great many points in the process.

The Raiders have Carson Palmer at quarterback who can put up some big numbers at times and has kept the Raiders in quite a few games this season. He is on pace for some pretty gaudy passing numbers that could approach 5000 yards on the season. Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden has the worst quarterback rating (70.9) among the 32 starting quarterbacks.

Someone has to win this one. It will most likely come down to turnovers. Whichever team can win that battle, will likely win the game.

Injury report:


OUT: DE Jack Crawford, DE Richard Seymour

Questionable: RB Mike Goodson, RB Darren McFadden


OUT: DB Dimitri Patterson, DB Ray Ventrone, DB Usama Young

Questionable: WR Joshua Cribbs, WR Eric Hagg