The Immaculate "Deception"

As a RAIDER Fan since the early 1970's, I have always felt Oakland was clearly robbed, and most importantly a chance to win another Division Title! Tatum stood firm in his testimonials in his Biography's and NFL Films seems to not have him on camera making a comment about the hit and subsequent completion. In the best shot even with digital restoration and close-up with enhanced imagery and slow mo, the ball cannot be clearly seen hitting Fuqua. Nor can you see the ball hitting the ground, both which would be ruled a incompletion. So therefore the play was allowed to continue resulting in the TD. What should of happened is that the refs should of whistled the play dead after Harris re-caught the pass. Then ruled that without a determination, Steeler Ball where Harris caught it. If that would happened, we would not be where we are 40 years later still trying to make a decision of what happened. But never-the-less, I feel the RAIDERS were robbed, great play by Tatum to dislodge the ball. Another interesting note is that Tatum was so sure they won the game that he cracked open a bottle of Champaign on the sidelines only to see Harris in the endzone! I feel that the play should be called "The Immaculate -Deception! Click link to see the play again!