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Fantasy football advice for Week 16

Most fantasy football leagues are now at their championship match, if that's your team congratulations!

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Undeniable truth of the week

Fantasy football seasons can be full of disappointment, if your team was not good this year don't let it ruin your desire to play again. Sometimes your team just doesnt work out some years, learn from your mistakes and hopefully do better next year.

Winning your league is quite the fun feeling even in a free league but even more so in a money league. If your lucky enough to win it all make sure to enjoy it. Hopefully if there is money involved you can use the winnings for something fun because you earned it. Its tough to win it all.

Since it really is tough don't be too discouraged if you lose the championship either. Remember that you still had a great year and try to take your vengeance on the winner in the next year by winning any future head to heads. Be a gracious loser but use it as motivation always!

Best match-ups of the week

Atlanta at Detroit (Saturday Night): This game should be a good one. The Falcons are trying to wrap up home field advantage while the Lions are trying to wrap up a terrible season with a win. It will be indoors where both teams prefer it and will feature a whole lot of passing.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati: This game could decide the playoffs fates of each team. Cincinnati is 0-3 against Pittsburgh with Dalton at quarterback but if they want to make the playoffs they will need to play well in this game. The Steelers are out of the playoffs with a loss and also must show up well. I think that those circumstances will improve both teams play and create excellent fantasy match-ups.

Oakland at Carolina: Believe it or not this actually could be a great fantasy game. Neither team is playing for the playoffs but pride can be a strong factor on its own. The Panthers defense is better than the Raiders but the Raiders offense is due for a higher scoring game. Don't be surprised if Carson Palmer is one of the top 5 QB's this week.

Worst match-ups of the week

San Francico at Seattle: This game could end up as a shoot out but with both defenses playing great I expect a lower scoring game. Both teams rookie QB's have shown up big in big games this year but I think this one will show some rookie flaws. I think it will be a hard fought game that will be full of defense.

Denver at Cleveland: The Browns are actually not a bad defense at all and I think they are going to surprise the Broncos. They also rely on Trent Richardson and the run game more than passing so that should help neutralize the Broncos pass rush. I expect this to be a surprisingly low scoring game.

Minnesota at Houston: I actually think Minnesota is going to win this game. They are in the middle of the wildcard hunt and need to win to make the playoffs. They also want to run Adrian Peterson into the record books. I think that means they will dominate time of possession and they have a tough defense too. I think the Vikings will end up winning this game handily and the Texans offense will look off.