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Welcome to Gameday: Raiders at Panthers

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The Raiders (4-10) travel east to fast the Panthers (5-9) in a week 16 match-up.

Grant Halverson

Who: Oakland Raiders at Carolina Panthers

Where: Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte North Carolina

When: 10:00 am Pacific Standard Time


The Raiders are in Carolina for the fifth and final East Coast trip. They are set to face off against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

Neither team has anything to play for outside of pride at this point. They are both out of playoff contention. The Raiders already have double digit losses and the Panthers are last in their division.

With a win last week, the Raiders ensured they would not get a draft pick higher than the third spot where they sat before this week's games began. If there were to win today, it could conceivably drop them near the bottom of the top ten.

But winning on the East Coast is never easy. Beating the Panthers is no easy task either. They have a lot of fight in them which is more than can be said for the Raiders who just snapped a six game losing streak to the worst team in the NFL but could not score a touchdown in the game.