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Raiders at Panthers week 16 game thread: Second half

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The second half is about to begin in the Raiders week 16 match-up with the Panthers in Carolina.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

There hasn't been a lot of scoring this half but the Panthers have done most of it. The Panthers struck first when they drove for a touchdown on their second drive. The touchdown was set up by a 29-yard run by Cam Newton and capped off by a 23-yard touchdown pass to Steve Smith.

The Raiders offense couldn't get anything going most of the first half. Carson Palmer went out of the game with a rib injury and Matt Leinart replaced him. The Raiders were able to put together a good drive with Leinart. He went 6-7 for 53 yards and got the Raiders inside the five yard line. But the Raiders were held out of the endzone again and settled for a field goal.

Late in the second quarter, Leinart made a huge mistake. The Raiders got the ball with 1:45 left in the half after a missed field goal by the Panthers. Then after two bad passes by Leinart for incompletions, he lined up in third and 10 and threw an interception to Luke Kuechly.

The Panthers took the ball at the Raiders 29-yard line and scored a touchdown on four plays. So instead of having a chance to score before half or at least punting and heading into halftime down 7-3, the Raiders are now down 14-3 and not looking good.