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Matt Leinart, Terrelle Pryor split reps in practice

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Carson Palmer will miss the final game of the 2012 season for the Raiders with a cracked rib. He won't even accompany the team to San Diego as his bruised lung prevents him from flying. Who starts in his place is still uncertain.


Dennis Allen said today that Terrelle Pryor and Matt Leinart split reps evenly in practice on Wednesday. This leaves the door wide open for either of them to step up and prove himself worthy of being the starter this Sunday when the Raiders travel to San Diego to face the Chargers.

"Both of them got reps with the ones and I'll continue to monitor it as we go through the week and we'll make a decision at the end of the week, which way we're gonna go," said Dennis Allen. "It was evenly split"

Pryor saw just three snaps last week against the Panthers. That was the same amount he saw against the Chiefs the week prior. The difference was they were spread out as opposed to one series. His first snap was while Palmer was still in the game and it was a trick play in which Palmer split out wide, caught a Pryor lateral and then threw back to Pryor took the catch 22 yards. The other two plays were while Leinart was getting the bulk of the snaps.

The prevailing thought lately is that, in this lost season, Pryor should be given the start so the team can get a good long look at him. Allen agrees with the idea that they need to continue to see what they have in Pryor but he made it clear after last Sunday's game that Pryor is still not ready to receive extensive playing time. His tune has changed since then.

"When you get done with the game, your mindset is one and when we get a chance to sit down and evaluate where we're at... we got a chance to see what Matt can do and we might need to see a little bit more of Terrelle but we'll evaluate that as the week goes on."

Greg Knapp had said Pryor would see action on some third downs and in the red zone and that's exactly what happened. But those were specific packages. It now seems there is a direct competition going on to see who should get a shot at running the offense in the Raiders season finale versus the Chargers.

The other possibility is they will both see the field equally. As many have said of late anyway; what do they have to lose?