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Raiders closing in on third overall spot in 2013 draft

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If the season were to end today, the Raiders would have the number three overall pick in the 2013 draft. Their loss to the Panthers strengthened their hold on that position.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs and Jaguars have guaranteed themselves the top two spots in the draft. Which team gets which spot depends on how they play in the final game of the season.

The Raiders sat in the number three overall spot last week and stayed in that position this week after their loss to the Panthers last week. If they lose this week, they are almost certain to keep that third overall pick with the easiest strength of schedule among the possible 4-12 teams.

If they were to somehow win their final game, they could conceivably fall as low as the number nine overall pick but no lower and it is more likely they would fall no lower than the number six spot.

Here is what the top nine teams look like:

1 Kansas City Chiefs 2-13 0.489

2 Jacksonville Jaguars 2-13 0.551

3 Oakland Raiders 4-11 0.471

4 Philadelphia Eagles 4-11 0.507

5 Detroit Lions 4-11 0.569

6 Buffalo Bills 5-10 0.493

7 Cleveland Browns 5-10 0.502

8 Tennessee Titans 5-10 0.538

9 Arizona Cardinals 5-10 0.553

It would help the Raiders, should they lose, for the team below them to win as well. The other two 4-11 teams are the Eagles, who play the Giants, and the Lions who play the Bears. Those will both be very tough games for them to win.

Below that are four 5-10 teams. The Bills have a very good shot at beating the Jets, as do the Titans who are playing the Jaguars. Then there's the Browns who play the Steelers and the Cardinals who face the 49ers.