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Raiders blackout Qualcomm to avoid local blackout

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The Raiders will be playing in their second home this Sunday - Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. And the presence of Raiders fans will allow it to be televised locally.

Donald Miralle

There is a large Raider fan presence in Southern California and every time the Chargers meet the Raiders at home they are reminded of that.

The Chargers fans haven't been showing up for game of late. They haven't sold out a game since November 1st which is a streak of three straight home games. Even that game on November 1st was in danger of being blacked out. It was a primetime match-up with the rival Chiefs and was saved from darkness by a corporate buyout.

The Chargers were blacked out for half of their home games this season. It isn't exactly what one would call a home field advantage. And to think it's the Raiders who have the reputation of being blacked out. This despite being blacked out just one game this season (against the Browns) and being televised locally for 15 of the last 16 games dating back to the 2011 season.

The good news for the Chargers fans is with the Raiders and their fans in town, they can enjoy the game from the comfort of their own home or sports bar. The bad news for the Chargers and their fans is it will feel more like a game at Coliseum in Oakland. But then again, that is not unusual.

Although being able to watch the game still doesn't seem to mean much to San Diego residents. Last Sunday's win over the Jets earned a 16.3 Nielsen in San Diego, lowest for a Chargers game in more than 12 years. It seems the fans just don't care about these Bolts of late.

But the Raiders are the cure for the empty seat woes and the local TV market. The last time a Chargers-Raiders game was blacked out in San Diego was 1977.

It may be sold out but you can still join the party and Silver and Blackout Qualcomm: Get your game tickets here.