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Raiders at Chargers 2nd half thread

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Terrelle Pryor has not played bad, maybe the staff will really unleash him for the second half. He did lead the team to their first TD in 3 weeks so kudos to him.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Despite playing many players that wouldn't normally be starters the Raiders are still in this game. At 17-7 this game could go either way in the second half.

Darren McFadden started out well but then remembered he isn't suppose to run well in Knapp's system. Hopefully he can get back to solid running and play well for the last half of football this season for the Raiders.

Phillip Rivers seems to be completing everything he tries so the defense needs to make a play or two. There are only 30 minutes left of football for both these teams and right now the Chargers are finishing the season stronger. Come on Raiders and show some pride and poise for the second half!