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Terrelle Pryor apologizes for loss, says "I will be great"

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There is no one harder on Terrelle Pryor than Terrelle Pryor. By the same token, there is no one who believes in Terrelle Pryor more than Terrelle Pryor.


The Raiders game today was a direct example of the opinion Terrelle Pryor has of himself. The Raiders lost the game and Pryor made plenty of mistakes along the way. On the other hand, he was at least partially responsible for anything good that happened in this game as well.

"It looked like the guys believed in me and we moved the ball decent," said Pryor. "I'm very upset with myself because of some of the mistakes I made but you know it happens and I look forward to possibly playing next year and getting better... I'm very sad that we lost, I apologize, and I put it on my shoulders. It's my fault."

It was very much a "mixed bag" as Pryor said of his performance after the game. But the most important thing was getting him out there on the field in a regular season game to get a proper evaluation of him. He said earlier this week that he felt like a leader in the huddle in practice all week. He brought some of that to the field today and it showed. But it was not perfect and he would be the first to tell you that.

"I felt like a leader on the field but there was just some throws that I was down," said Pryor. "I gotta get out of that young stage where I miss a throw - because it happens you miss throws -... I gotta say ‘ok, it's on to the next play'. And I think it carried over a couple times with me and I can't let that happen. I have to be professional and be a leader of the group and I wasn't on a couple plays, and I admit that. Hopefully there's room that I can improve on that."

It is very true that being a leader is something on which he can improve and get a short memory. That kind of thing only comes with game experience. He understands that and knows he must put in the work to continue to earn his way onto the field. He also sees a bright future for himself as a result of that work.

"Stuff is gonna slow down for me," said Pryor. "I will be great at the quarterback position but I just have to let things slow down for me. Just let it slow down, be calm, be a leader, get to the next play. And if I do that, watch out for us."

He doesn't see himself unseating Carson Palmer at this stage. There are a great many uncertainties with regard to Pryor's future with the Raiders and in the NFL. But he has the right attitude and work ethic to have a good career if his talent can keep up with his ambitions.