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Raiders clean house: Fire Greg Knapp, three others

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The Raiders announced today that which had been written on the wall for weeks and reported since Sunday - Greg Knapp has been fired. Three other coaches follow him out the door.


This comes as little surprise to many and of great relief to fans of the team. Under Knapp's offense, the Raiders were among the worst in the league.

Knapp was hired this season as the offensive coordinator and was tasked with bringing the zone blocking scheme and West Coast Offense to the Raiders. He was also handed the playcalling duties and that is where the biggest issues seemed to stem.

While the offense was not acclimating to its new schemes, Knapp's playcalling was not doing them any favors either. Each week the head-scratching decisions mounted.

The offensive playcalling was by far not the only issue with this team. The offensive line was never able to grasp the zone blocking scheme properly, the Rolando McClain ordeal, and the special teams was horrendous. Those failings brought forth the firings of Special Teams coordinator Steve Hoffman, linebackers coach Johnny Holland, and offensive line coach Frank Pollack.