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How do Raiders Utilize Denarius More?

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Denarius Moore is a playmaker and the Raiders need to get him the ball in space instead of always trying the same routes for him. Get the ball in his hands and let the man work.

Peter Aiken

Moore has not been the same player the last few weeks with a number of drops and sloppy route running. Could part of this be that he is bored with the way he is being used?

Denarius does not have the size required for a number one wide receiver but that is how the Raiders have been treating him. He has the talent to be a number one but that talent is not being used effectively. Oakland needs to allow Moore to make plays with his feet and create mismatches for him to exploit.

What that means to me is that the Raiders are playing him out of position. There is a lack of a true number 1 receiver on this team and so by default it means that the most talented receiver we have is used there. What this is doing though is allowing the defense to lock down Moore with their best corner each play and they are always knowing right where he is going to be.

It is time to change that and line up Moore in multiple different alignments. Think of Percy Harvin for the Vikings and Randall Cobb for the Packers. Both of those players could line up anywhere on the field any given play including the backfield. This allows them to get different match-ups for the talented playmakers and the players are excelling because of that.

I think Denarius is every bit as talented as either one of those receivers and that is saying a lot. This is a new style of WR that is being introduced to the NFL and it is working well. I see no reason not to follow suit with our very own playmaker who has the ability to do the same things as Harvin and Cobb.

I even want to hand the ball off to Moore in the backfield and let him run like a running back. This puts the defense on edge because they have to consider the player running it as a possibility. Plus it gives the ball to Moore with a chance for him to make something happen and that is never a bad thing.

Lining him up in the backfield gives the Raiders the ability to use him in screens out of the backfield and the ability to get Moore the ball in open space. Oakland is not giving their players enough of a chance to use their speed to make plays and I think that is a major deficiency that needs to be fixed.

Moving Moore around would keep the defense from always knowing exactly where he is. He has the ability to line up in any position with his talent and he can beat any defender that covers him. Even though he can beat the best of the best, he shouldn't be forced into facing the teams best cover corner every play.

If they can create situations where a teams nickle corner or even a linebacker is forced to cover Denarius there would be serious rewards available to the Raiders offense. The playcalling has been far too predictable and this is an excellent way to spice it up. The best teams use their best players as efficiently as possible and the Raiders are absolutely not doing that with Denarius Moore.

He has the talent to play anywhere against anybody. The Raiders need to utilize these talents to get the most out of Denarius Moore. Treat him like Percy Harvin and the benefits could be invaluable. The Raiders need to do something and this is a great answer to a lack of creativity.