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Two of three concussed DB's back at practice for Raiders

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The Raiders were looking at the possibility of losing three defensive back from concussion this week when they face the Broncos. They got some good news in practice Tuesday.

Ezra Shaw

The secondary was already banged up for the Raiders. Then Matt Giordano, Phillip Adams and Mike Mitchell all left last week's game with concussions. This had the Raiders scraping the bottom of the depth chart to replace them in the lineup.

Now it appears Mike Mitchell and Matt Giordano both passed their concussion tests and were practicing with the team. The same can't be said for Phillip Adams who stood on the sidelines watching practice. He will receive two more concussion test this week to see if he is able to return for Thursday's game against the Broncos.

Also returning to practice was rookie defensive end Jack Crawford. He had been out the past few weeks with a toe injury and was listed as not participating on Monday's "estimated" practice report (it was an estimation because there was no practice on Monday).

Still out with his hamstring and knee injury was Richard Seymour. He has been out for a month.