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Meet the newest Raider: Jamize Olawale

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The Raiders signed a new player today. His name is Jamize Olawale. He is an undrafted rookie of whom the Raiders signed off the Cowboys practice squad. The media spoke to him today in his first interview as an Oakland Raider.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

How fast did this whole thing come about?

"Right after the game, I got that call, I was in the locker room, got the call from my agent. That was Sunday, Monday I was talking to both the Cowboys and the Raiders and came out here, flew out here."

You had the option on that, did you weight it?

"Yeah, and I'm a faith based man so I prayed about it all night, had my pastor pray about it, my wife pray about it and felt God was point me to Oakland to come back home."

You're from this area, right?

"Yeah, I was born in San Francisco. I lived both in San Francisco and I lived in Long Beach for a little bit."

Must be nice to come back?

"Yeah, it was lovely to come back, lovely."

Were the Cowboys trying to keep you on their practice squad?

"Naw, they were probably gonna move me up. They said today they were gonna move me up and today would have been too late, if I'd have waited until today. My agent said that he didn't know what they were trying to do. He said that first the Cowboys said that in the next four weeks they were gonna bump me up for sure. Then when I told them I'm gonna turn that down and come here, they said that they'll move me up today. They were just trying to play games I felt so I came out here.'

What did the Raiders say?

"They mostly spoke to my agent so I'm not 100% sure exactly what happened. But just know that they gave me the opportunity and I'm grateful of the opportunity, I feel blessed, and I'm take it an run with it as long as God allows me to."

Are you a fullback, running back, what?

"I'm whatever they need me to play."

What do you prefer?

"I love playing running back. I feel like I can do a lot of damage at running back. But I'm whatever they need me to play."

They got a guy like you on the roster in Reece-former wide receiver, fullback, running back, you pattern your game on him?

"Yeah, definitely. That's one thing my agent told me coming out ‘we're gonna market you as a Marcel Reece type player'. I respect him. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. He's a great player from what I've seen on film."

Same junior college?

"Yeah. Same Junior college, yeah."

Any chance you'll be active?

"I don't know. That's up to coaches, I have no idea. I'll be ready to play."

You play special teams?

"Yeah, I'll be ready to play special teams, step in wherever they need me."

You were a wide receiver at North Texas?

"I played a year at wide receiver so it's not like it's been my whole career."

Early though in high school?

"H-Back, more fullback/H-Back and then played a year at receiver."

You went to St Ignacious and then De LaSalle for a year?

"Yeah, moved around to a bunch of different places. I went to SI my freshman year, De LaSalle my sophomore year and Long Beach Poly my Junior and Senior year."

How did it work to go from De LaSalle to Poly?

"The coaches didn't really like that but it was a good experience seeing both worlds and stuff like that."

Which is the better team?

"Poly has the better athletes. De LaSalle has the better coaches. Combine the two and you have the greatest team."

Who would win?

"Poly would probably win most likely."