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Thursday Night Football to be televised locally

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The Raiders have avoided a blackout streak and will be televised locally this Thursday night against the Broncos.


After 13 straight sell outs last week's game against the Browns was blacked out locally. It appears that was a one game anomaly. The Raiders despite a short week have sold out enough tickets yo avoid a local blackout.

The draw of the Broncos and Peyton Manning easily helped sell this game out. It is always an experience to remember when you see a future Hall of Famer play, and many took advantage of the chance to see one in Manning.

This is also a divisional rivalry that is always interesting to see. Many of the tickets sold were purchased long before the season became unsalvageable.

Its great to see the fans come out and support a struggling team. The team needs the support and wants to perform well for you.

If your there make sure to cheer avidly if you see Dennis Allen there. Losing a parent is one of the toughest moments in life and this is the time to get behind Dennis and tell him Raider Nation cares.

Whether you agree with him as the head coach or not let him feel the sympathy and respect he deserves. If he is able to coach Thursday night after losing his father Grady Allen today he deserves at least that much.