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Raiders "disgusted" by "untrue" Gruden rumors

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The buzz around the Raiders today has been in regard to a report Hub Arkush published in Pro Football Weekly that the Raiders have been in talks with Jon Gruden to be their head coach or even take over as head of football operations. The Raiders denied this rumor and had a bit more to add.

Jon Gruden and Mark Davis talk prior to a game at Coliseum in Oakland
Jon Gruden and Mark Davis talk prior to a game at Coliseum in Oakland
Levi Damien

After the report came out in Pro Football Weekly of the Raiders supposed interest in Jon Gruden, the Raiders responded with the intent to squash this rumor.

"Members of the media: There are two people on this planet that have the ability to make talks happen between Jon Gruden and the Raiders, with regard to him allegedly taking over the football operations, and/or the position of head coach. Each of those individuals, owner Mark Davis and general manager Reggie McKenzie, wanted me to communicate that this rumor has no validity whatsoever. And for the record, I'm personally disgusted that Hub Arkush would spread such an untruth on the day our head coach, Dennis Allen, had to determine with his mom, his brother and sister, whether to take his dad off life support or wait and hope that he would regain consciousness. Dennis didn't have an opportunity to say goodbye to his dad, but he did have an opportunity to take a phone call regarding Hub's story."

Typically the Raiders or any other team would not make a statement on such rumors. But due to the high-profile nature of it combined with the obviously terrible timing, they thought it deserved their attention.

It is no secret that Jon Gruden is still beloved by the fans in Oakland and most would love to see him return to the organization in some capacity. Gruden has been very friendly with the Raiders this season and even lit "the first that burns brightest" at the Raiders home game a couple weeks ago. While attending the game, he and Mark Davis and Reggie McKenzie spoke at length.

There are several possibilities as to what the story is here. Two of them are Mr Arkush made a lot of assumptions here or he has a bad source. But regardless, that really isn't the point.

It's just terrible timing. One would hope the story simply could not be pulled in time because otherwise making such claims during the same week Dennis Allen is mourning the death of his father is about as thoughtless and heartless as I can imagine.