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Broncos at Raiders week 14 game thread

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The Raiders and Broncos have taken the field for their week 14 Thursday Night Football matchup.

Thearon W. Henderson

The main storyline for the Raiders is the return of Darren McFadden. He will resume his starting duties after a month away with a high ankle sprain. His backup Mike Goodson returns as well.

The return of McFadden and Goodson should push Marcel Reece back to fullback. Reece had excelled as the starting running back in their absence. His fine play re-affirmed the belief that McFadden is not a good fit for the zone blocking.

Greg Knapp has been talking like the main difference is the play of the offensive line. We will soon find out which theory is correct.

Terrelle Pryor is active for a second straight game. Knapp said the other day that there are special packages in place for Pryor is the situation presents itself. That situation is more than likely dependent upon the Raiders either having a lead or at very least in a tight game. When the Raiders get down, Palmer goes to the air to try and bring them back quickly. Thus far it has not worked out.

The Broncos are without their starting running back, Willis McGahee. Knowshon Moreno replaces him but it is obviously the passing game that prevails with the Broncos. They are also without starting guard Chris Kuper which will not be great for Moreno or Manning. We'll see if it makes a difference.

Buckle up, Raider fans. This could be the Peyton Manning show. Then again the Broncos struggled with the Chiefs last week so you never know...