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Broncos at Raiders week 14 2nd half thread

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The Raiders are coming out to the second half trailing 13-7 to the Broncos but very much in the game. Here is your 2nd half game thread.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders offense really needed to get something going and they did with a great drive near the end of the half. They put together their longest touchdown drive of the year to put them squarely in this game.

That drive was ended with a play executed beautifully for a Darren McFadden touchdown reception. He capped it off with a nice celebration by jumping into the Black Hole. He hadn't done much in his return game but it was great to see him show that strong emotion after a much needed score.

The Raiders defense has played well this game so far. Phillip Adams once again has another interception in relief of Michael Huff. They also surprisingly have 3 sacks on Peyton Manning in this first half. One of those sacks was key in keeping the Broncos from responding to the Raiders touchdown before the end of the half.

Its great to see Carol Davis at the game sitting with Willie Brown, Howie Long, and John Madden on a night honoring NFL Hall of Famers. Hopefully they and us fans all are rewarded with a nice 2nd half.